Wednesday, May 9, 2007

False Claims

there is one thing i especially hate in forming new friendships is abusing someones trust or care because you are bored or need a compliment. If i really do feel like i know someone well enough and they do this to me then usually i will play along with such charades as it usually leads to whatever issue that is of concern being talked about and resolved. If i have only known the person a short amount of time then that shit doesn't fly with me.

I had recently been chatting to a mate on and off over a couple of months when he through such a deal breaker onto the table. We aren't close and i don't really know him – but we chat still. He says he wants to kill himself because he is depressed. Naturally such a remark pricks my ears and i give this person 110% of my attention negating all others around me. When i try to get a conversation flowing and find the root of the problem all i get is fighting back. This person was looking to shock me for the sake of a few good words. He was not going to commit suicide – he even admitted this himself. I left that at that and pretty much classed this person as a waste of my time, i don't like being fucked around and this person did it to me.

While not completely cutting this person out i now entered any conversation with him with caution as is began to understand how this person worked. Out of nowhere he tell me he thinks he is anorexic. Again i open a discussion but get nothing back – and he then quickly changes the conversation topic. This annoys me.

His false claims have pretty much stopped me from interacting with him – i don't have the energy or effort to bother dealing with this person anymore, and thus they are now gone from my life.


To me evolution seemed to occur out of necessity to adapt to onces habit – which is why there are many different breeds of the same animals with each slightly altered. Evolution usually brings with it improvement or adaption that makes the creature more capable of surviving.

I think we have fucked this up.

We have different races because of evolution. Each race must therefore be slightly different from each other and be more evolved in one aspect where the other is less. With travel now days we are no longer separated, with technology doing the hard work for us we no longer need to adapt to our surrounding, we make it adapt to us.

While we are the shit now how long will this last? We are stopping our own significant evolution by controlling our habitat. Our habitat use to control us.

Along with this we have probably undone many steps of evolution by interbreeding between races. While we all have our own strengths it is therefore possible that we all have our own weaknesses. It would be possible that because of this subsequent offspring could suffer from diseases or illnesses or anything really that had previously been fixed by one of the races itself.

And to further ad fuel to the fire evolution is also tagged with the fight or flight quote, so either we adapt or we die. Prehistorically people with disabilities or injuries or illnesses would have been left to die because their genes were looked at as being no good to mate with, but now with medicine and therapies and technology we no longer perceive this as the case as we have risen up our instinctual behavior because we have developed empathy. We are letting these genes now stay in our gene pool, making it harder and harder for us to streamline and improve what we currently have.

I'm not saying these things to exclude any races nor am i having a go at people with disabilities, merely i am making and observation of how i think evolution worked for us in the past and how it has been altered in this day and age.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

global warming

i recently caught a documentary on channel 2 – something to do with green power and all that jazz. It strikes me that while have have come leaps and bounds in electronics genetics that solar power has lagged so far behind. I don't understand why a renewable and clean energy like the sun is not used more. Well actually i do, because its fucking expensive with no real output. While watching this documentary though it explained a few different forms of green power that i had not heard of before which i thought would e nice to share/state just for the purpose of doing so.

We all know what a solar panel looks like – they are usually on top of houses and probably the size of a large piece of cardboard. - but we have these newer panels that have been developed in Australia, about the size of 2 decks of cards side by side, which sit pretty much on a dish similar to an antenna except all the light is focused on this little panel – it produces heaps of electricity, a lot more than you average solar panel.

Another method they showcased was have concaved mirrors which focus their light onto a row of metal pipes. These metal pipes hold water and as the light focuses on it it heats the water up creating steam which turns the turbines and produces electricity.

The last method which is another Aussie invention is s system that produces our own version of taping into nature involves boaring down 200km i believe until we reach a section of the earth which is permanently stuff in a boiling phase due to some sort of radiation that cannot escape. But you know – its good radiation. Anyway basically this system involves putting water down this hole – it heats up and comes back as steam, moves a turbine then condenses back down to water and goes back down the hole – its self sufficient and has is a constant source of energy with no reliance on the sun.

so why aren't these things being put in place now? Government will prefer to spend 7 million of fireworks and and a few hundred billion on a war – but to spend something that would save the world is just ridiculous – don't you think.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


To assume that one has power over another person is ridiculous, to take
power away from someone else is pathetic.

Life could be described as once giant dance, each person you meet is a new
step for you to learn and enhance your ability with. In keeping with the
dancing theme some people feel compelled to be judges and criticize you
where available. These people will try to keep you down as much as they can
simply for their own benefit.

Recent events in the world have led me to question power and what power we
presume we hold over our lives. We are taught by some that what we give out
we get back in return (karma) while others tell us that we must look after
ourselves first above all else, for if we are looked after first, then we
can look after others next. As a child such notions can appear to be quite
confusing. Power is a presumed concept with strong emotional connotations.
Power can make innocent people do things they normally wouldn't while at the
same time add to the already decreasing grip on reality others already have.

A schoolyard shooting – why – because of power. A man felt suppressed,
picked on and ignored. Could he have sought help – yes, did he – no. Sure
there were already signs of this mans unraveling, he had acquired a
reputation with his peers as being mr question mark – he chose not to
socialize, he chose not to make friends, and the only relationship he
appeared to have were either only known to him, or only one sided.

A man who felt suppressed wanted to turn the tables and 32 innocent people
pay. He is dead and cannot face up to his crimes. In between killing people
though he managed to find time to post a package to NBC. In this package was
a plethora of media to me used and distributed for news purposes. Such
planning that had been put into this rampage is quite scary. He had brought
two guns a month earlier, he already had a package prepared for post, yet
during thing month or so he did not even manage to talk himself out of doing
such a thing. Odd. He did not express what he was doing to others, did not
speak to his family – nothing. For at least a month he spent his time
preparing and planing this event. , probably psyching himself up as the days
passed. Perhaps his rumored depression has added to this ending – in which
case 33 innocent people died that day, but perhaps not. Perhaps a fight to
gain perceived power back from those who you feel wield it went to far, and
thus the sudden rise to power went to this mans head. Then again, perhaps he
was just a bad egg.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

please sir, may I have some more?

dear connex,

i guess i'm writing this post for the sake of being annoying but honestly i'm starting to get fed up. you can suck my penis.

i didn't mind the whole middleborough road project because we had heaps of warning and there was a lot of connex staff on hand to help out. if anything that was one of the best handled situations by connex i have witnessed so far.

but then you had to go and shit all over everyone by canceling around 36 trains permanently for the meantime due to brake problems. i understand this is a safety issue but to give no warning whatsoever, no days notice is friggen stupid. you suck at what you do and i'm pretty sick of it. the only reason i and other passengers still even use your service is because you have a monopoly on it. you are the only services available in my area.

your time will be up soon and then i will rejoice by dancing upon a pile of metcards. i might even rub them all over my body if i so desire. i wish you the best for your future, elsewhere.

yours sincerely,

sudo sumo ♥'s baby moses

p.s. your trains still smell and are dangerous

Thursday, January 25, 2007

slut of the week: connex egg

our slut of the week is the connex egg.

i want to call him 'humpty dumpty' but it doesn't feel right if he isn't perched on a brick wall or smashed into itty bitty tiny pieces with seagulls picking at his innards.

he's a sexy bitch and is a part of connex's safety campaign to ease passengers minds. they failed.

i would like to see how that egg protect me from a stabbing or a mugging, i dare it to.

update: paul sent me these ones to add - if anyone else has some funny ones point me towards them and i'll add them aswell.

to speak or not to speak, that is the question

this one is only going to be short and sweet - i have recently been approached by my old school and have been asked if i could give a speech to first year students about my final year project and the overall course.

to me this sounds like an opportunity to say i have done something in life, a small feat for me, and plus i might be able to talk down on their level and tell them what the course is really like, like i wish i had done to me.

but on the other hand it could be embarrassing, i'm not the best public speaker, i usually fuck up sentences or make up words, or randomly use a rude word instead of a good one. i don't know if i am the most suited for such a task. so yes. that is where i am at now. i'm pondering the ups and the downs of the situation.